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Psychotherapy is a general term for treatment of client's mental health problems with an authorized person to deal with it. Emotional body work can help us to relieve tension, trauma, repression etc through emotional body workshop, where a group is opening up their problems individually in front of the group and therapist.

Acupressure is an alternate method to treat mental and physical ailments along with regular medicines (if required) without side effects.

  1. Syllabus of Psychotherapy
  2. 1. Basic psychotherapy.
  3. 2. Basic Emotional Body Health.
  4. 3. Basic counselling.
  5. 4. Solving the problems of mental distress.
  6. 5. Anxiety control.
  7. 6. Anger management.
  8. 7. Personality development.
  9. 8.Interpersonal development.
  10. 9. Family therapy.
  11. 10. Group therapy.
  12. 11. Grief therapy.
  13. 12. Conflict Resolution.
  14. 13. Inner child therapy
  15. 14. Reality therapy.
  16. 15. CBT.& DBT.
  17. 16. Therapies for different personality disorders and cognition disorders.
  18. 17. Children counselling (increasing concentration, identifying learning disabilities).
  19. 18. Shame, co-dependency.
  20. 19 Child hood Trauma.
  21. 20. Interpersonal skills.
  1. Syllabus of Emotional Body Health
  2. 1. Stress, strain management.
  3. 2. Dream workshop. (Interpreting dreams and connect to unconsciousness).
  4. 3. Bio-dynamic massage.
  5. 4. Assertiveness.
  6. 5. Emotions, Emotional Quotient (EQ), intelligence Quotient (IQ).
  7. 6. Balancing EQ &IQ.
  1. Syllabus of Acupressure
  2. 1. Acupressure using meridian points.
  3. 2. Reflexology using reflex points on foot and hand.
  4. 3. Auricular therapy using reflx points on Ear.


Family therapy

Family therapy works with families and couples to nurture change and development. It gives emphasis on family relationship and interaction between members, which is the most important factor in psychological health. It is commonly accomplished by direct participation in the therapy session.
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Bio dynamic massage

Bio dynamic massage is a psychotherapeutic form of massage concerned with the integration of all aspect of an individual - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual within the context of an individual's life and relationships at home, at work and at leisure.
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Dream workshop

Dream workshop is the process of analyzing our dream. Dream was considered as supernatural communication unveiled by people with certain powers. It is always better to write down your dream immediately after you wake up from the dream. Some dream will remain with us even if we won't write about it.
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Reflexology is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It can be used as a supporting alternate medicine for any medical condition.
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Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental function and behavior. Psychology includes the study and application of psychology for the purpose of understanding, preventing psychological problems and help personal development. Psychology is used now days in different.
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Cupping Therapy

In cupping therapy a local suction is created on the skin which is believed to mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing.
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Auricular Therapy is the stimulation of the auricular of the external ear for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in various parts of the body. The term auricular therapy often refers to stimulation of the surface of ear reflex points.
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Pranic healing

Pranic healing is highly evolved and tested system energy medicine developed by grandmaster CHOA KOK SUI using prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy process. Prana is a Sanskrit word means life-force.it is invisible vital energy that keeps body alive and healthy. In Chinese it is Chi. it is a non touch therapy.
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