Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamicmessage Treatment

Bio dynamic massage is a psychotherapeutic form of massage concerned with the integration of all aspect of an individual - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual within the context of an individual's life and relationships at home, at work and at leisure.

Theoretical principles of Biodynamic Massage

  • Individuals are perceived as energetic beings.
  • Health is apparent when there is a free flow of energy in the system.
  • Given the right circumstances, individuals are believed to have the capacity to self heal and to self regulate.
  • Illness is regarded as being out of harmony with oneself and surrounding.
  • Past and present may have a contribution to any symptoms.

Biodynamic massage is fairly unique. This technique is based on Swedish massage. It is based on a deep awareness of the body as an embodiment of psychological and energetic process. It is used as a treatment for stress, psychosomatic symptoms.

Biodynamic Massage (from Physiotherapy to Psychotherapy.)

Emotions and stress are stored on body muscles as layers. The massage releases muscular tensions and releases blocked energy and stimulate body's nervous system to work properly. It helps us to relate the connections between our body, emotions and imaginations and help to achieve different purposes. Working in this way with our body can bring images, feelings, thoughts and memories to our attention, which is already in a forgotten stage. It generates a flow of information about self, a rich sense of pleasure, a sense of power and celebration.

The aim of biodynamic massage is more than trying to cure illness, the therapist is to understand ,with the client ,the meaning and message of illness. In this process, symptoms of relief may come through creating a new balance with in one self and life generally. Each client receives an individually matched massage session, but no two sessions will be exactly the same for an individual.

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