Emotional Body Health


According to psychological view, Emotion is a conscious experience which is reflected in biological reaction / physiological expression and it influences autonomous nervous system, personality and mood. It is complex state of feeling that is directly responsible for our physical and psychological change that can influence our behavior.

Emotions can be positive or negative. Extroverted people express their emotions but introverted people conceal their emotions. Emotion affects endocrine system of our body.

The word 'emotion' was adapted from French word "Emouvoir" which means 'to stir up'. All emotions exist on a continuum of intensity. Some of the common emotions are affection, anger, anxiety, apathy, boredom, courage, depression, hatred, jealousy, panic, self confidence, satisfaction, shyness etc.

Emotional body work can help us to relieve tension, trauma, repression etc through emotional body workshop, where a group is opening up their problems individually in front of the group and therapist. The skillful interpretation and empathic listening and understanding of the therapist help the body of the client to digest its feeling and emotions and give relief from old stress and trauma. This can be done individually too.

Emotional Body Health is the ability to observe own and others emotions and label them correctly and use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. There are three models of emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Ability model

Ability model is developed by Peter Salovery and John Mayor, It focus on individual's ability to process emotional information and use it to navigate the social environment

Trait model

Trait model is developed by Konstantin Vasily & Petridis "encompasses behavioral disposition and self perceived abilities and is measured through self report"

Mixed model

The mixed model is combination of both ability and trait Emotional Intelligence. It defines E, I, as an array of skills and characteristics that drive leadership and performance as proposed by Daniel Go leman.

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1. Basic psychology.
2. Basic Psychotherapy.
3. Holistic style of life.

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Pranic healing

Pranic healing is highly evolved and tested system energy medicine developed by grandmaster CHOA KOK SUI using prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy process. Prana is a Sanskrit word means life-force.it is invisible vital energy that keeps body alive and healthy. In Chinese it is Chi. it is a non touch therapy.
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Psychotherapy is a general term for treatment of client's mental health problems with an authorized person to deal with it. During psychotherapy, a client learns about moods, feelings, thoughts and behavior, become aware of how to respond to life's changes.

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Acupressure is an alternate method to treat mental and physical ailments along with regular medicines (if required) without side effects. It is an ancient healing art using the fingers. The technique is to press key healing points, which stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities.
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