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Manu's Education started as franchisee of SSi Ltd. Chennai in the year 2000. Later It has opened a franchisee of Tally Solutions Bangalore in the year 2003 for enabling mob to learn commercial use of Tally Software in the way, the creators of Tally software intend. Enable people to work with ease using this software in all fields of business.

Recently, Manu's Education has started Holistic Clinic and Education Center for Holistic Health


Resource Persons

Eliza Kuppozhackal

Sr. Dr. Eliza Kuppozhackal M.M.S.

Resource Person

Sr. Dr. Eliza is M. D. in alternate medicines, working as holistic health trainer and practitioner in AYUSHYA, one of the first Holistic Training Center and health clinics in India. She achieved Energy healing Training from Philippines directly from Grand Master Choakoksui the founder of modern pranic Healing. A certified Yoga teacher from Bihar school of Yoga, did training in Oriental medicines from Japan, did advanced training in psychotherapy, Emotional Body health from Institute of studies on psychotherapy and Emotional Body health in Canada.

Dr. Joan Chunkapura

Sr. Dr. Joan Chunkapura M.M.S.

Resource Person

Sr. Dr. Joan received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University. She is a member of CHAI& ARDSI. She is director and principal of TRDA, Kottayam. She did specialization in Addiction Treatment from Minnesota and trained in family therapy from Florida USA. She is the author of 20 books based on counselling, family & addiction. Did advanced psychotherapy from Maryland, USA. She gives regular talks in AIR / Shalom T. V. She won many awards from Government & non government institutions.

 DR. Mercy Murikan

DR. Mercy Murikan

Resource Person

DR. Mercy did her MBBS from Bangalore University. She studied and done research in Acupressure & acupuncture from China. Doing research by comparing Acupressure, Reiki and ordinary medicines to use as new type of health programme at Vagamon Kottayam (Dist).

Our Staff


Mrs. Retna Aravind View Articles

Director & Therapist : M.sc. Applied Psychology ( with psychopathology and Health psychology).

She is Diploma holder in Psychotherapy, Emotional Body health & acupressure from AYUSHYA, center for healing and Integration (BSS certified courses). She worked as co-therapist under Dr. Eliza, Dr. Joan Chunkapura, and DR. Mercy on their specializations, Msc. in Applied Psychology. Started Manu's Education (SSi) in the year 2000 and Director of the institution. She has done E-commerce (one year) at (SSi ) in 2000, did Advanced Tally (Tally India Bangalore) in 2003 and certified as Tally Certified professional(T.C.P) by Tally India Bangalore.

Mary Jees

Mrs. Mary Jees.


She is a MSW holder with specialization of Medical & Psychiatry. Diploma in Learning Disability, doing student , individual and family Counselling. She did PGDFA from Manu's Education (SSi) Muvattupuzha in 2010. She is also member of family counselor in the counselling panel of family court at Ernakulam.


Mr. BibinSasi.


He is a Commerce Graduate and Diploma in Acupressure and Reflexology Therapy (D.A.T.) from Acupressure Sansthan Rajasthan. He is highly competent therapist with 6 years experiences in Bombay and Rajasthan. He is treating patients mainly with Paralyses, stroke, cervical spondylitis, heel pain due to Uric acid accumulation, sciatic nerve pain ,slip disc, back pain, asthma, insomnia, and other main health problems successfully.

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Psychotherapy is a general term for treatment of client’s mental health problems with an authorized person to deal with it. During psychotherapy, a client learns about moods, feelings, thoughts and behavior, become aware of how to respond to life’s changes. Psychotherapy is used in spoken conversation mostly.
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Family therapy

Family therapy works with families and couples to nurture change and development. It gives emphasis on family relationship and interaction between members, which is the most important factor in psychological health. It is commonly accomplished by direct participation in the therapy session. It can also be used to maintain good relationship between people.
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Psychotherapy Workshop

Psychotherapy Workshop is to treat a small group of clients as together as a group. This is helpful to build interpersonal relationship and throw out shame. It is types of psycho educational group where they discuss own problem and others problem in a relaxed atmosphere. It is social therapy. This group therapy helps them to understand the many principles.
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Emotional Body Health

According to psychological view, Emotion is a conscious experience which is reflected in biological reaction / physiological expression and it influences autonomous nervous system, personality and mood.
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Bio dynamic massage

Bio dynamic massage is a psychotherapeutic form of massage concerned with the integration of all aspect of an individual – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual within the context of an individual’s life and relationships at home, at work and at leisure.
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