Group Psychotherapy Workshop

Group Therapy

Group Psychotherapy Workshop is to treat a small group of clients as a group. This is helpful to build interpersonal relationship and throw out shame. It is types of psycho educational group where they discuss own problem and others problem in a relaxed atmosphere. It is social therapy. This group therapy helps them to understand the following principles.

  1. Universality
  2. Altruism
  3. Installation
  4. Imparting information
  5. Development of social techniques
  6. Existential factors
  7. Interpersonal learning
  8. Catharsis
  9. Self understanding.

The therapies mainly used in psychotherapy are:-

  • Reality therapy
  • Rational emotive therapy.
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Inner Child Therapy
  • C.B.T.,
  • D.B.T. etc

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