Answers on reflexology

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is nothing but giving pressure on openings of meridians (reflex points) in hand and feet to remove blocks of meridians and help the free flow of bio-electrical energy in the whole body. It is a marvelous system of treatment, easy to understand and easy to practice, highly effective absolutely scientific and completely safe. It has no side effect .Effectively removes toxins that are accumulated in body from food and medicines. It works on the concept of Zone therapy and also a complementary health therapy. It can be given along with medicines and slowly reduces the dosage and in most cases can live medicine free.

How it is practiced?

It is practiced on the base theory that all body organs are represented on hands and feet. It removes blocks of meridians by giving pressure at the ending points (reflex points) of meridians by dividing body into different Zones. To activate reflex points for various organs, we can use our Thumb or index fingers or use instruments, depending on the hardness of feet where particular organ is represented (eg. Sciatic nerve on soles of feet – quite hard area to apply pressure on this area usually use strong instrument).

What ailments can be treated by it?

All ailments can be treated by reflexology. Before starting treatment therapist should have full awareness about the physical condition of the patient.

Who is it recommended for?

It is recommended for all those who suffer from physical and psycho-somatic problems, irrespective of age and sex. The therapist must know well the conditions of the patients and must be in a position to determine the force that can be applied on various patients various areas and durations of treatment.

What are the benefits acquired from it?

Reflexology has mainly following benefits:-

  1. Increases the immunity of the person.
  2. Relaxes the whole body and mind, thus act as a preventive method for psychosomatic diseases.
  3. Very good “complementary” treatment for all diseases of the body. This treatment can be given with all other treatment like allopathic, Ayurveda etc…
  4. Removes all toxins from body from medicines or from food.
  5. Has no side effect.
  6. Good pain relief treatment.

What are the contraindications?

It has not much contraindications if reflexologist follow the proper rule of treatment and observe all do’s and don’ts while applying this treatment.

What are the origins of this therapy?

This therapy is originated mainly in India but got approval after it came from China. From China, the Indian writings went to Tibet and some other countries. Indian manuscripts on treatments have been translated by the Chinese.

As usual the scientific approach is developed by Western countries. Reflexology or zone therapy got scientific approach during the early years of 20th century when an American doctor William H. Fitz Gerald M. D. a reputed medical physician and surgeon developed the modern zone therapy. Likewise Dr. Edwin F Bowers M.D., Dr. George Starr White too were great physicians of the period who did remarkable work elaborate this unique theory of healing.

In recent times certain qualified health professionals in Europe, USA, Canada, Germany and many other countries including India (India is the place of origin) has developed high interest and showed marvelous result for almost all chronic diseases.

How well is it known in Kerala and what is the response of Malayalees towards it?

Unfortunately, the awareness looks to be lower amongst Keralites as compared to people from other Indian States. In our experience, within Kerala, people from North Kerala seem to have much more awareness as compared to those from the rest of Kerala. We get maximum students from North Kerala and other States of India.


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