The spiritual science of meditation is an urgent need of this age. Whenever mother earth isdarkened and ‘dharma’ was spoiled always there will be a spiritually enlightened birth to crash ‘adharma’ and balance the energy of the earth. Similarly in the modern era, people run after worldly pleasures and selfish needs. Cruelty and enemity rules the world so mother earth is darkened with negative energy. To uplift mother earth and living world to positive energy by crushing negativity meditation works as a miraculous drug to assist mother earth to regain its original state.

The spiritual societies in India pave way to this wonderful act (meditation) to give awareness to ordinary human beings to help many depressed minds to regain mental balance. Time has come, everyone to practice meditation as a ‘mithrasanjeevani’ to regain self health and health of fellow beings.

What is meditation?

Meditation is nothing but emptying own mind and silencing it – make it thoughtless and emotionless. Mind is the total sum of all our emotions and thoughts. Whenever we decide to do something the very next moment we emerge with hundreds of reason to avoid it. Our super ego crushes our intelligent thoughts and allows emotions to play with it and to make mind decision less and restless, Which is root cause of energy loss and leads us in to useless negative thinking. An average person’s mind, after each correct thought is interfered by hundreds of negative thoughts and make huge energy loss. The aura of the person is affected and energy deplation causes diseases in the body.

Meditation means silencing our chaotic mind and stop Zig-zag thoughts through which intelligence and emotions get balanced. Mind release energy and body become sound, No word in mouth is silence, no thought in mind is meditation or Dayan.

What is sleep and what is meditation?

Sleep energizes body and refresh mind. Same is the effect of meditation. The difference is meditation helps to activate “third eye”. We are not one physical body, we have bodied entity; namely physical, etheric body, astral body, casual body, cosmic body, nirvana body and spiritual body.

During sleep our astral body comes out from physical body, the energy body – etheric body takes in energy from cosmic body – and surroundings and becomes energised. The etheric body feeds physical body with energy when the astral body and mental body are ignorant, physical body loss a lot of energy. If mind is not energized the ethnic energy become insufficient for both mind and body. When mind is same and astral body is same the etheric body absorbs energy from cosmic and revitalized body.

Meditation is million times more powerful than sleep and gives more energy. So half an hour meditation is more energizing than ‘8’ hours sleep. Meditation energy sharpens intellect and refresh mind and body. In sleep, we travel in unconscious, while in meditation we travel to various places consciously we identify self as good. We interact with various entities throughout cosmos while in meditation and gain lot of knowledge and wisdom. We become owners of sharp intellect like Buddha and Christ. We come to know we are not mere physical bodies but we are made of matter, energy, thought and consciousness.

We dwell happily in our soul consciousness which is the purity of original consciousness.We are bound with the pattern and faith of the society and become part of it. But meditation lifts us to original consciousness. Silence is the power of meditation.When in silence, mind consciousness become peaceful body consciousness, become energetic, intellect consciousness become sharp.

We can come to know about our past lives through meditation like Buddha and Christ if we meditate like them our soul and life will get enlighten like them. When there is no meditation there will be no light in our life and our mind will be filled with sorrow, misery, and inferiority complex.

Meditation gives success, positive energy, self satisfaction, peace and harmony in life. In sleep we are merely out of body, but in meditation we are one with creation How much importance we give to sleep ,at least give importance to meditation for delightful life. The more we meditate we need lesser sleep and never a human with meditation think of committing suicide and he will start to love and develop interpersonal relations.

Breath is a part of our body. We have to concentrate in our breath so that our mind becomes empty. This is the first law of meditation .Chanting mantras is not at all required. Alpha of meditation is breath and omega is ‘third eye’. The second law of meditation is that when mind is empty a large amount of cosmic energy enters in to the physical body. When, mind is jungled with thoughts, cosmic energy separate from physical body. When thoughts are less in our mind ,then mind will change into liquid state. This is possible only concentrating on our breath. When cosmic energy enters ,our third eye opens ie.. Inner senses are activated.We acquire the soul .In normal man soul is not activated .So we have to reactivate soul by meditation. Soul’s infinite potential is untapped until we awaken it with meditation through which the body mind entity changes to body –mind and soul entity ie..we call health. So a person is physically,mentally, spiritually healthy.

All problems arise due to lack of understanding. Meditation can solve all problems as it gives us awareness about us through emptying our mind. Meditation is not prayer. No enlightenment is possible in prayer.prayer is a nice emotional bath only personal meditation can solve personal problems. Prayer is outstation and meditation is head quarters. The prayer of each religion make your mind deeply in to that religion but meditation takes you away from all religion. So observe breath and meditate.

Meditation is a must for today’s life to lead a balanced life. We remain calm and problems get themselves away as IQ-EQ balanced mind can find intellectual solutions. Silver cord is the body –mind vital connection during sleep and meditation. It is an energy connection. but in death there is no such a connection. So it is permanent out of body experience. Breath is the ambassador of pure consciousness in physical plane. Science of meditation is unique for all in the world .When were are out of tune ,body become diseased; but when we tune it back with meditation it becomes perfectly healthy. All diseases are actually psychosomatic; begin in psyche (mind) and affect soma (body). Immature intellect is the cause of diseases. Unrest of mind is directly related to all physical stress and strains. It is advisable that all members of the family must meditate together every day at a particular time as we do in prayer.

Process of meditation

Sit erect spine position, firm and comfortable, close your eyes, be in silence, control breath, concentrate on your breath. Time of meditation varies as per age. Children ten minutes – as age progress time increases proportionate to age. People can meditate in office also together. It will give wonderful result to your office and to self.

In short I would like to suggest meditation is the simple, powerful cure to every ones problems. This help to tune mind, leads to enlightenment, past life and cure. More over meditation matures and shrpens intellect.


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