Acupressure Course Details


Understanding the meridians and treatment points to balance and heal the person, remove toxification from body, to improve and promote health. Acupressure is an alternate method to treat mental and physical ailments along with regular medicines (if required) without side effects.

It is an ancient healing art using the fingers. The technique is to press key healing points, which stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities.

  1. Syllabus
  2. 1. History of acupressure.
  3. 2. Difference between acupuncture and acupressure.
  4. 3. Chinese mode of Examination and detention of diseases .
  5. 4. Various diseases treated by acupressure.
  6. 5. Names of Meridians.
  7. ~ Lung meridian .
  8. ~ Large intestine meridian .
  9. ~ Stomach meridian.
  10. ~ Spleen meridian.
  11. ~ Heart meridian.
  12. ~ Small intestine meridian.
  13. ~ Urinary Bladder meridian.
  14. ~ Kidney meridian.
  15. ~ Pericardium meridian.
  16. ~ Tripple warmer.
  17. ~ Gall bladder meridian.
  18. ~ Liver meridian.
  19. ~ Governing vessel meridian.
  20. ~ Conception vessel meridian.
  21. ~ Extra points..
  • Various Diseases Treated by Acupressure.
  • 1. Low back pain.
  • 2. Arthitis of the Shoulder joints.
  • 3. Sciatic pain.
  • 4. Knee joint Arthitis and pain.
  • 5. Migrain Headache.
  • 6. Epilepsy.
  • 7. Foot Drop.
  • 8. Face Paralysis.
  • 9. Allergy.
  • 10. Diabetes.
  • 11. Hypertension.
  • 12. Hoarseness of voice.
  • 13. Speech problem.
  • 14. Mental depression.
  • 15. Menstrunal irregularities.
  • 16. Chronic Ulcers or wounds.
  • 17. Toothache.
  • 18. Indigestion.
  • 19. Constipation.
  • 20. Rhinitis

*These are some examples only. There are many more chronic diseases that can be treated successfully by acupressure.*

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